Sea Freight

With a lot of inbound traffic coming ex Durban and Beira Ports, our offices are well geared to handle shipments from countries of origin up to the points of delivery.

Commercial Vehicle Guarantee

We have an insurance/customs bond which allows us to guarantee foreign registered commercial vehicles during their stay in Zimbabwe.

Trucks Supervision

We have an additional service to both local and foreign registered companies where we monitor their trucks at a nominal fee.

Customs Clearance South Africa

Amolas Agencies South Africa is an accredited and licensed customs clearing agent, represented at all major ports and airports throughout South Africa.

Customs Clearance Zimbabwe

As a licensed Clearing Agent, Amolas agencies acts as an agent for an importer or exporter and conducts Customs business on their behalf.


As experts in end-to-end supply chain management we work to make our customers more competitive by unlocking more value from their supply chain.


With many years of experience and thorough understanding of the challenges faced by organizations in managing importations , deliveries efficiently , costs-effectively …

Customer Satisfaction

For us customers are the most valuable, therefore we strive to exceed the customer’s expectations. Using superior methodologies, we ensure prompt clearance of consignments …

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Head Office

6 Caithness Road,Eastlea, Harare Zimbabwe

Contact Us

+263 242 788 461-3