Customs On-Call Consultancy

Customs On-Call Consultancy

We fully understand the African Story like no other Logistics Company

For us customers are the most valuable, therefore we strive to exceed the customer’s expectations. As customs gets ever more complex, we are broadening the reach of our consultancy service to respond digitally on those once of, tricky or complex customs or importation questions. You may be investigating importing a new product and want to know the implications in terms of costs, regulations, practicality, and delivery times etc in order to establish whether your new venture is practical or the cost you may need to charge your customers. We are ready to give you free advice on this. Using superior methodologies, we ensure prompt clearance of consignments at all ports in South Africa and Zimbabwe and total safety of consignments.


•    Clearance of consignments on a pre-clearance basis whereby shipments are cleared well before they arrive at ports of entry or border posts
•    Free Consultation
•    Timely action on client’s business inquiries
•    Offering complete documentation
•    Timely clearance of consignments at all ports within South Africa and Zimbabwe
•    Constant tracking of cargo from loading point to the desired destination.

We have turned into a prominent logistic solutions provider. This is possible because of our state-of-the-art infrastructure. We always move forward with changing times by incorporating the entire modern trends. Our vast facilities enable us to undertake any business order from the clients. For effective operations, we have our associate offices at prominent locations in South Africa and Zimbabwe provided with a team of experts.

Our Offices
We have presence all over South Africa and Zimbabwe in order to process the client’s business within stipulated time frame. Our company’s offices are located across across Mussina, Johanesburg, Durban , Harare, Beitbridge, Chirundu and Mutare. These offices are linked nationwide by means of effective communication network.


We have employed professional team that assists us in each step of Import & Export procedures & Government policies to accomplish the entire production targets well on time. For providing effective training, we implement various training modules to train our personnel. Our workforce is focused towards the particular requirements of the organization.

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Head Office

 6 Caithness Road, Eastlea, Harare Zimbabwe

Contact Us

+263 242 788 461-3

South Africa Branch

Gateway Truck Shop, Beitbridge Border Post
N1 Highway South Africa

Contact Us

+271 553 00052
+271 553 00117