Amolas Agencies

On time first class logistical support

Amolas Agencies

On time first class logistical support

Amolas Agencies

On time first class logistical support


Amolas Agencies was founded in 2008 specializing in shipping forwarding and customs clearing. To date the company has recorded considerable operational growth through local and regional networking as guided by its vision.

We offer a fully integrated service from a fully committed and equipped team, capable of meeting every related need. Regardless of your requirement, our approach remains the same. Our first priority is to gain a thorough understanding of the requirements of your business and then efficiently dealing with each task as they present themselves.

Sea Freight

With a lot of inbound traffic coming ex Durban and Beira Ports, our offices are well geared to handle shipments from countries of origin up to the points of delivery.

Commercial Vehicle Guarantee

We have an insurance/customs bond which allows us to guarantee foreign registered commercial vehicles during their stay in Zimbabwe.

Trucks Supervision

We have an additional service to both local and foreign registered companies where we monitor their trucks at a nominal fee.

Customs Clearance South Africa

Amolas Agencies South Africa is an accredited and licensed customs clearing agent, represented at all major ports and airports throughout South Africa.

Customs Clearance Zimbabwe

As a licensed Clearing Agent, Amolas agencies acts as an agent for an importer or exporter and conducts Customs business on their behalf.


As experts in end-to-end supply chain management we work to make our customers more competitive by unlocking more value from their supply chain.

Our Vision

To become one of the most efficient global supply chain entity within the next five years and to be your freight formula for all your logistics problems.




To fully service new and existing clients through relationship management and effective communication,providing our staff with adequate training, development and motivation, maximizing shareholder value through innovative and optimal resource allocation.

Market Development

Our success is anchored on early recognition of our client needs and response in the form of service packages. This helps to cement existing business relationships and open new markets

Financial Strength

In a time of often large and complex corporations, Amolas Agencies relies on autonomy of owners run medium sized  business. It ensures flexibility and individuality to an extent that is increasingly rare these days.

Regional Networks

Amolas Agencies is present wherever the market and the clients are. Our regional strategic partnerships/alliances afford us the ability to serve our customers across the globe personally

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Head Office

12 Caithness Road,Eastlea, Harare Zimbabwe

Contact Us

+263 4 776 738