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About Us

Amolas Agencies is a global logistics company, strategically positioned at all ports of entry in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Having been in the market for more than 10 years, we have a wide experience in the areas of shipping, forwarding, clearing and customs that is unmatched. Ours is well grown passion for seeing other businesses satisfy their clients’ needs efficiently. Our experienced team of professionals exists only to satisfy your needs, with utmost ingenuity and clearness of service. We fully understand the African story like no other logistics concern and provide the region with cost effective global solutions supported by a worldwide network of independent like-minded agents.

Trust us with any job and you will be sure.

Sea Freight

With a lot of inbound traffic coming ex Durban and Beira ports our offices are well geared to handle shipments from countries of origin to the points of entry and delivery.

Commercial Vehicle Guarantee

We have an insurance/customs Bond which guarantees foreign registered commercial vehicles for their stay in Zimbabwe.

Trucks Supervision

We have an additional service to both local and foreign registered companies where we monitor their trucks at a nominal fee.

Customs Clearance South Africa

Amolas Agencies South Africa is an accredited and licensed customs clearing agent, represented at all major ports and airports throughout South Africa.

Customs Clearance Zimbabwe

If you are shipping any goods worldwide, they must be cleared by Customs Authorities. We offer a one stop shop clearing service in both counties Zimbabwe and South Africa.  


We have modern and up to standard facilities that are spread and conveniently located in Zimbabwe and South Africa. With great confidence, we promise you high security and dust free preparation areas.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to satisfy the needs of our customers and adding value to their supply chain by providing quality clearing and forwarding solutions that they can daily rely on.

Our Values


To fully service new and existing clients through relationship management and effective communication,providing our staff with adequate training, development and motivation, maximizing shareholder value through innovative and optimal resource allocation.

Market Development

Our success is anchored on early recognition of our client needs and response in the form of service packages. This helps to cement existing business relationships and open new markets

Financial Strength

In a time of often large and complex corporations, Amolas Agencies relies on autonomy of owners run medium sized  business. It ensures flexibility and individuality to an extent that is increasingly rare these days.

Regional Networks

Amolas Agencies is present wherever the market and the clients are. Our regional strategic partnerships/alliances afford us the ability to serve our customers across the globe personally

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Head Office

6 Caithness Road,Eastlea, Harare Zimbabwe

Contact Us

+263 242 788 461-3